AssetCalc helps commercial, corporate,
and public sector clients better manage property portfolios.

AssetCALC in Action


Our proprietary AssetCalc™ software provides facilities managers even greater ability to manage from a distance. Stored in a secure, cloud-based environment, collected data is accessible anywhere with an internet connection. Facilities Managers can assess the details and condition of all major building components and mechanical equipment by logging into the software and viewing posted photos. Its functionality doesn’t end at allowing FM’s to see what’s happening at their properties, it also produces reports, charts, and graphs that forecast capital needs for individual buildings and portfolios. Best of all, it does it all at anytime from anywhere.



AssetCalc is a platform that provides detailed looks into each asset and observation in every facility.


Looking for infrastructure reports? AssetCalc is a unique solution that provides various reports that show capital needs and building health.


AssetCalc utilizes asset data to calculate and forcast capital needs for individual buildings and entire portfolios.


I have a work order system and/or capital planning software. Is AssetCalc compatible?

AssetCalc provides exports in many formats that will allow you to import data into other systems.

Additionally, we are happy to help create a more specific export format for your particular sofware.

More complex direct integrations are possible, but most clients prefer the transparency and control they have with more explicit data transfer.

Do we have the ability to prioritize projects based on both condition and non-condition data?

Yes. We have an extensive ‘Priority Score’ system that lets clients rank by condition, building, component type, category, code violation and replacement year.

Each criterion can be weighted and adjusted per client specifications.

Where is AssetCalc hosted? Is it secure?

AssetCalc is hosted on Microsoft Azure, a cloud computing service created by Microsoft.

AssetCalc's database is an Azure SQL Database, which means it is backed up automatically. Backups are available for up to 2 years. Server Images do not have an expiration date, so they are always available for our clients to retrieve.

AssetCalc uses an SSL certificate (HTTPS) for communication to and from the server, so all info is encrypted during transport.

Which web browers are supported?

All modern browsers - Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer (version 9 or greater) are supported as well as all mobile browsers.

We code the site using industry-standard ‘fallback’ frameworks that correct for differences in browsers to standardize the experience.

How often is the software updated?

Updates occur two or three times per week. Most changes are incremental, adding functionality or streamlining interactions.

Occasionally, we will fully redesign a feature, but we provide ‘in-context’ help (i.e. Popups) to help users with new features.

You can always contact us below, or email us at!