AssetCalc.Net Sales/Marketing Resources

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Key Features

  • Reports, Charts & Graphs to forcast capital needs for individual buildings and portfolios.
  • Access to the Details and Condition of all major building components and mechanical equipment with photographs.
  • Updateable Cost Library makes budgets more accurate over time.
  • Customizable Priority Framework and search tools to help decision makers.
  • Export Tools to take your data to other applications, including Microsoft Excel.
  • Capital Planning tools to assign and track progress over fiscal years
  • Repository for storing and searching Documents related to buildings and components.
  • ADA Compliance library to plan and track accessibility improvements.
  • Administrative tools for managing user access; never any per-seat license fees.

Security Information

All communications both to and from AssetCalc servers are encrypted using SSL RC4_128, with MD5 for message authentication and RSA as the key exchange mechanism. Connections are verified via a Domain Control Validated G2 Certificate.

Account information is encrypted using one-way MD5 hash encryption with SHA.

The AssetCalc database and web servers are locked down behind a Cisco ASA 5520 firewall preventing any outside access.

Client Types

  • Public Housing - Housing Authority of Baltimore City, San Diego Housing Authority
  • Parks and Recreation - Maryland-National Capital Parks and Planning Commission, Alington County Parks
  • Commercial/Retail - Hendrick Automotive, Kimco Realty
  • Institutions - University of Maryland Baltimore County, Archdiocese of Baltimore, Anne Arundel County College
  • Municipal - Arlington County VA, Keene NH, Columbus OH
  • Utility/Government - FirstEnergy, National Resource Conservation Service (USDA)
  • Schools - Stamford Public Schools, Baltimore City Public Schools, East Aurora School District

Screen Shots

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